Q/A: Mike Ambersley

Mike Ambersley
Mike Ambersley

ST. LOUIS - Saint Louis FC forward Mike Ambersley speaks about soccer in his hometown of St. Louis, including thoughts on his high school career and the United States' FIFA World Cup Qualifier at Busch Stadium. 

Q: The 2015 MSHSAA Boys' Soccer Championships will take place this weekend at World Wide Technology Soccer Park.  Your alma mater, De Smet Jesuit HS, is a semifinalist.  What are your fondest memories of playing high school soccer in the St. Louis area?  

A: I enjoyed the competiton and playing against all of the MCC (Metro Catholic Conference) schools.  We were playing in front of 3,000 or 4,000 people every game, which seemed like 20,000 when I was that age.  I loved those atmospheres.  I also got the chance to compete with Brad Davis, Taylor Twellman, Kevin Hudson, Tom Dolan, and so many other great players.  


Lastly, you can't talk about High School soccer in St. Louis without mentioning the coaches that have put in the time and effort to build these great programs.  I was fortunate enough to play for some amazing coaches during my high school years.


Q: With Saint Louis FC gaining momentum and the U.S. National Team playing a World Cup Qualifier in St. Louis this weekend, what makes this city a top soccer destination in America?


A: The community has played a huge roll in the growth of the game in St. Louis.  I don't need to go into the history of St. Louis soccer because there's not enough time in the day, but generations have passed on their love of soccer to younger generations and the sport has continued to grow. 


The bottom line is this: St. Louis can sell out a major game like this one in a matter of days or even hours, as we've seen before.  That makes this market a great option for U.S. Soccer since it gives the National Team such a great home field advantage.  The fans are what make the market, and we have great fans in St. Louis. 


Q: How can the addition of Saint Louis FC benefit the high school and youth soccer community in St. Louis?


A: It will benefit the youth soccer community by giving our young players role models to look up to.  It's great that they can come watch a professional soccer game and see what it takes to play at that level.  It gives them something to dream about and shoot for as a soccer player. 


It's really important for our club to not only put out the best product on the field, but to bring in quality people that can have a positive influence in the community.  In just over a year, Saint Louis FC has already done tremendous work in the community, and that will only continue.