Lou Fusz & MO Rush Join as Youth Partners

Jeremy Alumbaugh (L) and Nik Bushell (R)
Jeremy Alumbaugh (L) and Nik Bushell (R)

FENTON, Mo. - Saint Louis FC has announced youth program partnerships with Lou Fusz Soccer Club and Missouri Rush Soccer Club as part of the club’s effort to support youth soccer in St. Louis.

“It’s great to work with two outstanding youth clubs here in the St. Louis metro area,” General Manager Jeremy Alumbaugh said.  “Our youth partners will enjoy numerous benefits as part of this agreement, and we’re excited to have them be a part of Saint Louis FC.  We look forward to future agreements with more local youth clubs in the coming months.”

As part of the agreement, Lou Fusz and Missouri Rush will enjoy discounted group pricing and advertising opportunities at Saint Louis FC home matches.  In addition, the youth clubs will be able to interact with STL FC players and staff at their own club events. 

Youth soccer clubs in St. Louis have a strong record of developing both boys’ and girls’ players that have gone on to successful careers at the collegiate, professional, and international levels. 

Lou Fusz Club Director Don Popović and Missouri Rush Executive Director Nik Bushell both believe that Saint Louis FC will only enhance the talent and passion among youth soccer players throughout the area.

“It’s fantastic to have this franchise in St. Louis, a place that’s been so passionate about soccer for so many years,” Popović said. “It’s good to have a professional team in place so the youth players have local players to look up to as role models on the field.”

“Saint Louis FC gives youth players in St. Louis something to aspire to in their own hometown,” Bushell added. “They don’t see it on TV or in a movie; they see it locally.  It can be a real intangible target for kids, which is a key element to growing the game.” 

While Bushell and Popović are both optimistic about what the presence of Saint Louis FC will do for local youth players, they’re also excited to see what it will bring to the St. Louis community as a whole.

“The game doesn’t just appeal to diehard soccer fans anymore, but to the non-traditional soccer fans as well,” Bushell noted.  “This franchise will build on the current popularity of the game at the national and international levels.  It’s a fantastic time to put this together.”

For more information on Lou Fusz and Missouri Rush, visit their websites and Twitter pages below.

Lou Fusz Soccer Club

Website: http://www.loufuszsoccer.com/

Twitter: @LouFuszSoccer

Missouri Rush Soccer Club

Website: morushsoccer.com/

Twitter: @MoRushSoccer

Pictured: Jeremy Alumbaugh (L) and Don Popovic (R)