Saint Louis FC Announces Partnership with Fit For 90

Saint Louis FC Announces Partnership with Fit For 90

ST. LOUIS - Saint Louis FC today announced a new partnership with Fit For 90, a player monitoring platform focused on player health and safety used by teams at all levels of the game including MLS clubs, the US Women's National Team, college teams, and youth clubs. 


Fit For 90's team monitoring platform gives teams the ability to effectively manage their players through technology backed by sports science. Each Saint Louis FC player will input their readiness, site soreness, training load, and hydration. Fit For 90's software technology analyzes each players readiness to train through a series of algorithms and displays data to all coaches and staff to help them monitor players and prevent injuries. 


Fit for 90 provides coaches with player data that will help them understand an athlete's readiness and stress to decrease the risk of injury and increase player development and performance. It identifies early signs of fatigue, stress, or under-recovery specific to each player to help keep them on the field.


"Finding the balance between peak fitness and fatigued to the point of being injury prone as well as freshness vs being unfit is very difficult." said Head Coach Dale Schilly.  "Fit for 90 will help us monitor how our players are reacting to the training and help peak our performance and limit the risk of injury."

 Fit For 90 Founder, Dr. John Cone, will work directly with the Saint Louis FC coaching staff to periodize each training session throughout the 2016 season. 

 "We are looking forward to working with Saint Louis FC in 2016." said Dr. Cone.  "The partnership truly shows their dedication to player performance, and injury prevention."


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