Saint Louis FC Supporters Announce All Fleur One Initiative

Saint Louis FC Supporters Announce All Fleur One Initiative

The supporters of Saint Louis FC have announced the launch of the All Fleur One Initiative.  The All Fleur One Initiative is a cooperative effort within the Saint Louis FC membership to improve aspects of the greater St. Louis area through service projects, charity engagement, and community rehabilitation for St. Louis based organizations. The board of the All Fleur One Initiative is made up of STL FC front office members Patrick Kelly and Tyler Tetzlaff, season ticket members Dan Dawson and Kevin Hennessey, and St. Louligan members Claude Karraker and Jason Patrylo.

"We want to embrace the word club in the Saint Louis Football Club," said Kelly. "The driving mantra as we move forward in year one is 'For the City, For the Club' in that order."

"Game days are fun and entertaining, but the desire is also there to really improve people's lives in small ways." said Karraker.

The first project from the group is a ticket exchange.  Season ticket members who cannot use tickets for a single game can turn their tickets into the All Fleur One Initiative who in turn will pass along the tickets to local charities that do not have the means to attend a game.  The targeted recipients will be children's homes and families in town for medical treatment.  Board member Dan Dawson commented, "The All Fleur One Initiative is an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between the fans, sponsors, club, and community." Homes and organizations looking for help are encouraged fill out our ticket request form.  Fulfillment will be based on supply and no guarantees can be made that an order will be filled.

The second project is a resume service to help those looking for work.  "We are looking for HR professionals to help scrub resumes. People going to work in St. Louis is vital to this town," said Kelly. "This will be volunteer-based.  We do not want to overwhelm those interested in helping, but we feel this is important for those creating their first resume."

The group is looking for more ways to connect people to charitable activities in 2016.  "The idea is that if a season ticket member participates in a charity walk every year, and it so happens that 50 other season ticket members attend the same walk every year, we can connect them to walk together and foster a relationship that transcends beyond seeing each other at 15 Saint Louis FC games a year." said Tetzlaff about his goal for the first year. "Connecting those who engage in local charitable activities with each other would be a fantastic result for year one. With that in mind, we are looking for groups and charities that our members are passionate about so we can unite our efforts and help them to the best of our ability."

"I believe it will give people interested in both serving others and soccer an opportunity to combine those two and be a part of something special." said Hennessey. "It will become a special club of players, coaches, staff and season ticket members that serve the city and make the community proud."

Please click HERE if you wish to volunteer. The All Fleur One Initiative is accepting nominations for charities that would benefit from our grassroots efforts.  Feel free to nominate a charity that means something to you or can benefit from the All Fleur One Initiative.

For more information about the All Fleur One Initiative, contact Tyler Tetzlaff at