Saint Louis FC Partners with Garcia Properties

Saint Louis FC Partners with Garcia Properties

Saint Louis FC has announced a partnership with Garcia Properties.

Garcia Properties has been revitalizing St. Louis since 1999 by seeking out neglected and mismanaged properties, restoring them, and then finding new homeowners and businesses to develop their neighborhoods.  Based in South City, Garcia Properties services have grown to include a nationally recognized real estate brokerage, property management company, and development branch.

Garcia Properties will be sponsoring the official ball stand of Saint Louis FC.  Each game, the official game ball will be presented according to USL standards.

"They have the ability to offer creative property management solutions to our fans which was evident in their unique partnership announcement with the St. Louligans" states Kevin Wygant, Director of Corporate Partnerships.

Wygant adds, "They are true supporters of Saint Louis FC."

Check out the exciting announcement by Garcia Properties.

For more information on Garcia Properties, please visit their website by clicking HERE.