Saint Louis FC and Kaldi's Agree to Partnership

Saint Louis FC and Kaldi's Agree to Partnership

Saint Louis FC and Kaldi's Coffe have agreed to a partnership.

Kaldi's Coffee is a St. Louis based company that has grown to be a regional favorite since its founding in 1994.  Kaldi's has stayed true to its founding philosophy that premium coffees should taste premium, and brews some of the best coffees in St. Louis.  Kaldi's commitment to the community includes serving Certified Organic goods and providing transparency through Kaldi's Relationship Coffees.

Saint Louis FC will be serving Kaldi's coffee at both the St. Louis Scott Gallagher youth club functions held at Soccer Park and Saint Louis FC matches.  Kaldi's will be putting the Saint Louis FC brand into the hands of their customers on a daily basis through co-branded merchandising at their retail locations.

Kaldi's co-owner Josh Ferguson said of Saint Louis FC, "Their proud connection to St. Louis and all the work they do with the city and with their youth programs only made us more excited to lend our support." 

"This kind of local support is extremely important to our fans as we build professional soccer in Saint Louis," states Kevin Wygant, Director of Corporate Partnerships for Saint Louis FC.

Kaldi's boasts six locations in the St. Louis area.  For more information on Kaldi's Coffe, please visit their website by clicking HERE.